Soccer Goes Beyond Boundaries

Soccer is considered one of the best sports in the world. Many people love soccer not just because the passion, it’s because the emotions that you feel when you are playing and not playing it. Soccer is been for long time in the world. It was created in England more than 100 years ago and rules are pretty much the same. However, now days because of the technology booming every second, soccer is every where. I personally started to follow and play soccer when I was 6 years old, and since ever then, I have not stopped.

There could a million of sports, but soccer in my opinion is the best of all. In United States soccer was not that very famous until FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) gave United States the chance to hold the World Cup in 1994. Now soccer is more famous in United States than it was almost 20 years ago. Also, many players from Europe helped to develop soccer in United States such as Pele (best Brazilian player of all times and considered by some the best soccer player ever), Johan Cruyff (the Holland that would change the way soccer is played, he won two Ballon d’ Oro), and others. The most recent case was David Beckham who made Galaxy champions in 2011.

Technology has made it easy for the world to know about soccer. There are two teams now days who everybody knows, I’m talking about F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid who are the most powerful soccer clubs in the world. Their annual gains are over 500 million euros. This two teams have two players who in this decade are unique. Both considered the best soccer players of all times. One is a player made in La Masia, in Barcelona, his name is the Argentinian star Lionel Messi who is considered the God of soccer. The other player is the Portuguse star Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for Real Madrid. Both soccer players are the best exponents of soccer now days and probably in the history of soccer.



7 thoughts on “Soccer Goes Beyond Boundaries

  1. Eduardo;
    I’m very happy to find out that there is someone else in class who is as passionate about soccer as I am. I’ve played and followed soccer all my life. Of course, living in Europe, it was a lot more fun, intense and easier to follow soccer. I became a fan of Juventus during 90’s when likes of Baggio, Zidane and Davids used to play there. Then, in 1996 I discovered Barcelona, that’s when Romario, Stoichkov and Guardiola were the kings of the field. Last year my dream came true when I visited Camp Nou and watched Barcelona Vs. Valencia game, where Barca won 1 vs. 0. Also the museum in the Camp Nou is amazing. Filed with trophies and Messi’s golden boots of Ballon de’ or.

  2. I completely agree with you, “Soccer Goes Beyond Boundaries”. I love soccer because I have been exposed to it since I can remember. When you have a favorite team, that team captures your heart. Soccer is fun, challenging, exciting, takes a lot of skill to be successful, and it requires a lot of talent.

    Soccer is also exciting because scoring is so rare compared to other sports. In a sport like basketball, a successful shot is very common, like once a minute and each one will get a small cheer and some clapping. However, in football you have tension building and building as your team presses forward and each time someone has a chance to score everything builds to a crescendo and then they smash it past the keeper and the stadium erupts and all the fans go mental and it’s really intense.

    The tournaments that I truly enjoy watching are the UEFA Champions League and obviously the World Cup.

  3. Nice article. I have always loved soccer, and I started to play it in my early childhood. Since I got to the U.S, It ‘s been difficult to follow the different European leagues and the Champion’s league, It’s unfortunate that in the U.S soccer is still not as popular as Football or Baseball.

    Soccer is exciting and suspenseful. I hope I’ll be able to go to Brazil for the soccer world cup.

  4. I love Soccer! I have been playing it and following since i was a little kid. None of the sports interests me as much. My second favorite is hockey. However, this is a different story.

    I am very excited, that my native country, Russia, is hosting the World Cup 2018. I will never forgive myself if I will miss it. I hope that hosting of the Cup will contribute to the development of Russian soccer.

  5. The history of soccer reveals that this contemporary game is nearly three thousand years old. Soccer has been played all over the world and there are many older games that hold similarities to the modern understanding of soccer.

    The roots of soccer are a bit ambiguous, but what is known of the sport suggests that it is a very old game that has evolved over the passage of time.

    Some historians suggest that the game of soccer is rooted in Japan circa 1004 BCE. At that time there were games played with people who would kick and chase a ball around a large field. There is also evidence asserting that a game very much like soccer was played in China during the second and third centuries CE.

    During the time period of the Han Dynasty, there were people that used leather balls for game play and kicked them or dribbled them on the field. In fact, there is a Chinese-based text located in the Munich Ethnological Museum that is dated to circa 50 BCE that documents a soccer-like game played between teams in China and Japan. In the game, a hair-filled leather ball was used to kick around.

    There is also evidence that the game of soccer was played in Kyoto Japan as early as 611 CE.

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