Facebook Truths

Facebook came from a small idea to be a total success in few years. Most of us have Facebooks, and even kids whose age goes from to 3 to 5 years old have it. It has become the most used social site to meet people. However, some people use Facebook too much that it becomes an addiction. Facebook is a great place to interact with friends and people with common thoughts, but better be careful not to get addicted to it.

In my personal opinion, everybody knows what is Facebook. I started using Facebook when I was a senior at high school, 2009. I did not use it that much until I met interesting people. I started college, and I started making friends by Facebook. Now friends don’t ask for phone numbers, they ask for your facebook. If you know your friends and add them to Facebook, it is fine, but you have to be carefull when you add unknown people. Some people are on Facebook just to mess with it. Some of them have names, but we call them hackers because they can go into your account and post anything from false information to porn and more. I have never had a single incident about somebody hacking my account, but you should be careful on how you put information because your personal life can be affected.

I casually know people who have met in Facebook and got married. Thanks to God everything went good in these cases, but sometimes it is a tramp. There is good and evil and exists everywhere. When people want to cause pain, they will do anything to do their evil thoughts. I have heard about cases of women been killed, rapped or their families never heard of them again. I would never go out with someone who I don’t know personally, and if I go out, it has to be in a public place: safety first in all cases.

I was becoming addicted to Facebook until I saw how it was affecting my academic, work, and athlete life. I would be getting bad grades all the time because I would spend most of my time going on Facebook or thinking about it instead on concentrating in my homework. At work, I would try to go to a place where no one would see me to just connect to Facebook; I got caught two times, and I almost get fired because of it in my previous job. I would be on Facebook all day, and I would not do any type of exercise or something healthy.

Facebook definitely is the best site now days, but you have to consider your personal life. Don’t be on your all day trying to meet new people that probably you won’t ever personally meet. Be healthy and use it in a moderate way.20130304-165653.jpg


7 thoughts on “Facebook Truths

  1. I understand what you mean. The Internet is becoming so user-friendly, that people, particularly young people, do not even ask for phone numbers when they want to connect. They instead ask for Facebook information. I know what that is like because I am the same way.

    I know that for some people, using Facebook can be addictive, but I did not know that people have met and started dating, and even gotten married after meeting on Facebook. Though most people who use are Facebook are probably more active with it than me, I have still yet to see what a Facebook addiction feels like.

  2. I actually started through MYSPACE haha. Did you have one before? I deleted mine because of all the advertisements. FB is a great way to keep in touch. Networking is an essential business tool.

  3. Out of all my friends I am always the one that is late with the new social media trends. I did not make a Facebook account till 2010. In the beginning only people i knew would send me friend request but after a while people i did not know started trying to add me. I would ask them if they knew me and they would say no, that they were just trying to make more friends. I would deny their friend request because I was scared that they were weirdos or that they maybe were going to hack my account.

    There is a show on MTV called Catfish. This show is about people meeting online and having online relationships. The guys from Catfish then help these individuals meet up with the people they been having online relationships with. Sometimes the people are who they say they were or are the people from the pictures. Most of the time they are not. They are some weirdos that have been for years keeping fake profiles meeting people and deceiving them. It is pretty scary stuff. i agree with you about being safe and not becoming to involve with Facebook.

  4. It’s a waste of time. Addicted you get and then you start to post anything regardless of its importance. People post pictures of food, how they feel, and other useless information that will not benefit – anybody. I agree that it can be used wisely and there are some benefits to it, but unfortunately that’s not the case for most. It creates a generation of people that will be unable to communicate with people in a “classic” form. These people will depend on computer software to do most of their tasks. It creates a system which allows the government and other groups to track and control the public. It also creates dependency on machines. People don’t need to learn how to do anything, the software will do it for you. This is making us antisocial and unaware of outside world. Not good my friends, not good…

  5. There are many positive and negative outcomes from Facebook. It can be a great social media network and used to keep in touch with people who are far from you. Even making new friends can be fun and interesting. I sometimes even add people whom I do not personally know; my criteria for adding is, add, only if we have at least 3 mutual friends. Right before I met my husband, we checked each others Facebook. Facebook has proven to be really useful at times. It is great tool for promoting your business. Sometimes I find out important news from Facebook first, then from other sources.
    And of course Facebook has a negative side. People get addicted to it in a bad way. It takes a lot of time to go through meaningless information. I’m simply disturbed by many a thing on there, and because of that I’m against kids using Facebook. Not only is Facebook a ditraction. There are so much disturbing imagery; foul language, images and videos that children should not see. Also, there are so many predators that use Facebook for their evil thoughts. Everyone should be careful on there and parents should strictly monitor/watch their kids.

  6. Definitely. Facebook can be addictive and impede your life in unimaginable ways.. It’s great you noticed that, and I noticed how easy it can happen while using Facebook.

    With the site being available on our phones, tablets, and computers.. It can be very easy for us to ‘check’ on new updates anywhere and everywhere. We all meet a lot of people, make new friends and have family spread around the globe. Facebook makes it easy to stay in contact and updated with each others lives.

    The biggest thing about anything that’s easy to get addicted to, but has benefits, is to use it in moderation.

    The best thing I do to avoid distractions is to put my phone on ‘airplane mode’. I do that during class, when I need to study, or do work.

    Also, I did an experiment and closed my account for a month. It was weird. I had to delete the app, as it would have made it easy to get back into it.

    Then I learned I missed a few events (or learned about it on very short notice) and news from family who live away. Making plans with them became difficult when events are organized in Facebook.

    Not only that, I missed a couple birthdays too.

    There are definitely pros and cons to using Facebook. The best advice I would give is to use it in moderation and to be careful with what you share on it.

    If you follow that, I don’t see it becoming an issue as its really become a part of our lives.

  7. I get what you mean on how addicting facebook can be and definately time consuming. I didn’t start using facebook until 2008 and quickly found myself spending more time than needed on it. I even used to play the games but quickly saw that I ha d no time and you know the story, my crops died, characters were unhappy, etc. I soon realized this wasn’t for me and blocked all games.

    Even with some of these negative effects I still love facebook for what it is. We moved out here to the valley seven years ago, meaning many longtime friends live in other areas. I don’t get time to go visit my friends and family as I’d like and facebook allows me to see pictures of their kids and hear about important events in their lives. I also have some family in Mexico that are also on facebook. I haven’t been to Mexico since my grandmother died in 1999 and so its nice to be able to know how my family there is doing in just minutes. So like everything else in life, all in moderation.

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