Having an education can make your life different. Many students will drop off from high school because they believe it is too hard; a lot of the students do. Also, many others who want to continue with a further education cant because they have to support their families. Students who work and study at the same time might not get the best grades, but with all their effort will get a degree and reach their academic goal. Education means a lot to those who understand the importance of having one.
The word “ditching” at high school was a popular word in my days, and I believe still is. I did few times because I let my classmates to convey me. I ditched when I was in 9th grade because I did not find school interesting. It was boring listening to the teacher and doing homework. I stopped ditching because during that year, I saw that some of my friends were sent to adult school or would drop off to start working. I bet everybody during their high school times heard about the difference that you make by having education, not having and going further high school. Yeah, I was one of those who were told about the difference of having education. Since that moment, I haven’t stop trying to go further because I know the importance of it. Students should thinks twice when they decide to ditch a class because that day might change your life forever.

It puts the world in your hands

It is hard when you want to go further in life, and then you find out that you are stuck because somebody is screwing your life. Parents make their kids to go to school and sacrifice themselves, so their kids can have an education. However, necessaries of life make some parents to get their kids to work right when they are sixteen years old. Everybody likes money, and money comes and goes, but education stays forever. Usually, uneducated parents will make their kids to work first than helping them to finish the homework.
Some people believe education is becoming available to everybody because everybody goes to college. Some of these students make it to college by working and studying at the same time. However, this does not mean that everybody does work because they want; some students work in a field that they are studying and others because of the necessary of paying books and classes. One thing that this country offers to all of us is education; government will pay your classes and books, so you can have your career. Students must understand and become aware of the importance of education in their lives.
There are many who made great things in life without having an education, but usually the ones who make great things are the ones who have an education.


One thought on “Education

  1. I agree with you 100%. Today, students underestimate the importance of education. Unfortunately , everything is about instant gratification these days and many students have no patience for education.
    I think there should be some kind of tours to prisons and hospitals. These tours will demonstrate what can happen when a child or a teenager goes off track. Everyone tends to think that nothing bad can happen when students ditch school but it is just the beginning of the end.

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