Crazy Gas Prices $$$


I hate putting gas to my car because I know that my pocket will suffer. I believe the only happy people about the price of the gas in the people who owns them. When we see high prices in gas, we say that the economy is bad, and when we see low prices, the economy is getting better. Definitely, each year the gas is going up, and it is not because the bad economy, but also because of inflation and the scarcity of the petroleum. We should all think about something more efficient and that doesn’t hurt our pockets or environment that much.

It would not be bad to own a gas station because you could become a millionaire within not that much time. The gas is something that we need to run our cars, airplanes, lawnmowers, etc. Therefore, we need of it to live our lives. We know where the rich people live; they live in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and those countries where there is more petroleum than water. These people are millionaires, and make contracts with every country. Also, lately they have become famous by buying corporations and soccer teams that it doesn’t have any relationship with them.

The power of gas has made the world to go into crisis and wars such as United States did when they went to war with Iraq with the excuse of terrorist country. We all know George W. Bush is an oil man; therefore, he would take advantage of the opportunity that he had to take over a land rich in petroleum. That’s my personal opinion, and others are free to think that we went there because of terrorism. It terrorism would be the case; we would have gone to Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China and other countries. All we wanted is to take over of the petroleum that they have. War never benefits us; it benefits only the ones that start the war.


Inflation has made the prices to seen high also, but because of the recession in 2008, we said that the economy is making the gas to go up. It is truth also, so we got inflation and the bad economy making the gas to go to prices that we never expected to be. Sometimes I wish not having a car because it is expensive, but there is little I can do because I really need it. Government and those rich people should think of something else in order to help us to keep more money in our pockets and help our polluted environment. Government makes millionaires investments in things that we never get to see because it doesn’t work or it gets cancel half way because somebody from the government thought it would not work. All of them should think more slowly, carefully and calm and come out with a solution to this gas crisis.


11 thoughts on “Crazy Gas Prices $$$

  1. Gas prices are definitely something to depress all of us. They keep going up, then slightly down, then way up again. A lot of us also drive big gas guzzling cars and have to pay even more to be able to drive our vehicles, but even the ones that have economic cars are complaining. It’s as if payments (if your car is not paid off) and insurance is not enough.

    When we first moved to the United States, the price for a gallon of gas was under a dollar. How awesome does that sound today? But along the years, even with rising inflation, it is beginning to get ridiculous. Gas stations actually make pennies on the gas that they sell, so even they are complaining about prices. i am hopeful that we get out of this economic situation so that even with the rising cost of gas, we don’t have much to complain about. =]

  2. I could not agree with you more, filling up gas in my car is a pain. Every time the gas light goes on in my car, I cannot believe I have to spend another $80 just for gas. Every time I think back 10 years and I’m shocked about how much gas prices have increased. The prices rise drastically then decrease very slightly and again. Imagine having a full tank by spending only $30!
    I remember being excited about having my own car but I never thought about all the money it was going to cost me. I am thankful I can afford the car payments, insurance, and gas but it all becomes a little overwhelming when I think about it. A lot of money goes into having a car, sometimes I wish I was 15 still, having people drive me around instead.

  3. I agree with you. The problem also lays with oil lobbiest in Washington buying off the politicians. There are many alternatives and we can see other countries use it. Scarcity is created in order to manipulate economy. It’s a huge industry and it will do anything to continue to prosper. Hopefully, the hybrid and electric car industry will slowly change our view and direction.

    We often as people say that government and other interest groups are to blame. Maybe so, but we must take responsibility of it as well. We are the main consumers and this system would not exist without us. So, if we want something to change we must apply towards the more suitable alternative. Don’t buy the huge 5L or V8 tank, use public transportation more often so that city can build more subway stations, use cars that require less gas to travel, ride you bike or walk if its a walking distance. Be the change!

  4. Hopefully wih the new technology they will come with fuel that could be affordable to everyone and better for the environment. Fuel is really expensive now a days. I have to fill up about twice a week. I wish there was better way but like you said a car is really important and I cannot go without one. It’s a necessity now a days.

  5. I totally agree with you! I guess before I wouldn’t drive as much, but now I have to fill up every week and that 50 dollars depending on how much gas is. I have spent almost 60 on filling up my tank when gas is almost or $5 a gallon. I have a 4 cyl car so I don’t guzzle gas as much. Gas was just recently going down, but it seems that the oil companies use any excuse to raise gas. It started going up this week and probably used the excuse that it was Mother’s Day weekend.

    There really needs to be a price ceiling on gas. I saw gas go up 16 cents on two days. I mean 16 cents doesn’t seem as much, but after 10 gallons and week after week it adds up. There needs to be more control on how often gas prices can go up. If gas prices rise quickly, they should be able to drop just as fast.

  6. Gas prices are making more people carpool and even ride the bus. I know that I do because I can get a discounted bus pass. So, on days that I don’t feel like driving, I take the bus. I take the bus to school and most times to the other things that I have to do. It gives me time to relax, wake up, read, or just do nothing. Of course with the summer time coming around it’s going to get even higher, last summer we hit $5 we are starting at about $5 now so where will we land?

  7. I hate getting gas!!!!! It’s always so expensive! Anytime it gets down under 4 dollars I get really excited, and then I get really annoyed that I’m excited about paying 3.99! We really need to find another usable source of fuel so that we can help the earth and help ourselves!

  8. Boy, you would be great in politics because you have posted the truth. The rich keeps getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. These petroleum companies have so much money, yet they continue to milk our pockets like you would milk a cow, getting every dime from us. Truly, when you add up the money that it cost to live on how much of your disposable income are you able to keep to save for retirement. Most people who are retired have to return back to work because of the high cost of insurance, cars, gas, mortgages, etc…… I can go on and on. I don’t know if the economics in our system can be fixed. People don’t fix it they patch it hoping for a different outcome. The outcome is always the same. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. Thanks for your thoughts

  9. I totally agree with you. I cannot stand the price of gas these days. It pains me to put gas in my car I have to do it at least twice a week just because of all the driving I do. Sometimes I just want to not have to go anywhere so that I can save on gas money. They usually raise the gas prices around the holidays.

    I heard from someone that in other countries they do not use gas. They use other methods to run the cars and it saves on the pollution in the air. Our government has the resources and the ability to improve this country to have us not spend the money on gas but they choose not to because they are all greedy politicians. I say get rid of all the senators and assembly men in congress and hire new ones so that we can get this counrty back on track,.

  10. I agree with you that it’s such a problem on your wallet. I drive a 99′ Ford Explorer and that thing is terrible on gas. I maybe get 13 miles per gallon. That means I’m going to the pump every couple of days, and that REALLY hurts my wallet. I hardly ever even fill my tank because that would require a $70+ fill up every time. It’s just too expensive.

    Even hybrid cars don’t fully solve the problem. Personally I’m waiting until I can buy a cheap electric car so I never have to go to the pump again! There have been many improvements in electric car technology and the prices will get lower and lower over the next few years until they are competitive with cheaper cars. I can’t wait until then, for now I’m stuck at the pump!

  11. I know, high gas prices has caused people to put off putting gas until they really need it. Putting gas used to be different, but with high gas prices not everyone wants to deal with it. It would be interesting to find out how they justify a price per barrel.
    Currently, not everyone can afford hybrids. So, gasoline stations will remain making money. I hope prices can come down some, perhaps by means of engaging in new petroleum projects.

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